Belgium vs Panama

Belgium vs Panama

We will leave it to other statisticians to predict the result of the match.

But where does Belgium stand compared to Panama in terms of demographic statistics?

België vs Panama
11,376,070 population 4,037,043
5,778,164 female 2,010,999
5,597,906 male 2,026,044
372.6 inhabitants/km² density 53.5 inhabitants/km²
4.3 millions surface area in
football pitches
10.5 millions


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vrouwendag_en.pngIncrease of the proportion of working women with children

In the context of International Women's Day, Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, takes a closer look at the employment rate of women with and without children.

In Belgium, on average 75.3 % of women aged 25 to 49 are in work. For men in the same age group, this proportion amounts to 84 %. The number of children (up to 16 years old) in the household makes a big difference.

When it comes to employment, the proportion of women without children is practically the same as that of men: 77.5 % of women and 78.1 % of men without children have a job.

If the woman has one child, the employment rate decreases to 76.5 %, while it rises sharply to 88.7 % for men with one child.

However, a woman with two children is more often in work than the average of women: 79.1 %. The employment rate is also the highest for men with two children: 93 %.

For women with three children or more, the employment rate decreases sharply: 56.8 % of them are in work. For men with three children or more, this rate amounts to 84 %.