First statistics competition in Belgium

First statistics competition in Belgium

Regional and federal statistical offices launch together a new competition

Starting today, 19th October 2018, teachers and students from the second and third degrees of secondary school can register in the European Statistics Competition. This competition is organised by Statistiek Vlaanderen, IWEPS (Wallonia) and Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, in the context of the European Statistics Day on 20th October.

The European Statistics Competition is an initiative of Eurostat, the European statistical office. Its goal is to test the knowledge of the students, and to increase their understanding of public statistics. The Competition has been organised during the last school year in 11 European countries, with 11,000 participants. Belgium will also participate this school year.


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tn_kerncijfers2018.pngStatbel, the Belgian statistical office, publishes today the 2018 edition of its Key Figures.

You will find in this publication the main figures and statistics about Belgium. The Belgian population figure, the state of agriculture, the index and inflation, economic indicators, real estate figures, transport statistics, the labour market, poverty figures, the income and consumption habits of Belgian households and many other themes are presented in a user-friendly way.

Don't hesitate to use the figures from this publication (and our website) and help us disseminate public statistics about Belgium.

Available in Dutch, French and German.