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Air transport on the rise again in 2022, but below pre-Covid levels

Air transport on the rise again in 2022, but below pre-Covid levels

In 2022, Belgian airports recorded a significant increase in the number of passengers and flights, reflecting a recovery from the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite these improved figures, the sector is still a long way from the levels observed in 2019. At the same time, freight and mail transport registered mixed results over the same period.

Some 28 million passengers passed through Belgian airports in 2022, an increase of 107% compared to the previous year. However, these figures are still lower than the 35.5 million passengers transported in 2019.

Similarly, the number of flights rose significantly in 2022, with just over 260,000 flights recorded. This 43% increase compared to the previous year is notable, but remains below the 325,000 flights recorded in 2019.

Freight and mail transport followed the opposite trend. In 2022, around 1.8 million tonnes of goods were transported, representing a 16% drop compared to 2021. However, these figures are still 23% higher than in 2019.

In terms of freight and mail transport, Liège-Bierset airport accounted for 63% of total activity in this sector, while Zaventem airport accounted for 34%.

In terms of passenger transport, Zaventem airport remained the main player in Belgium, handling 68% of transit. Charleroi airport came second, accounting for 29.5% of travellers.

Number of flights - arrivals and departures 2020 2021 2022
Arrivals Departures Arrivals Departures Arrivals Departures
Number of flights (1) 76,108 75,746 91,126 90,860 130,338 130,290
Zaventem (Brussels Airport) 42,981 42,755 53,733 53,616 82,932 83,150
Ostende (Ostend-Bruges) 2,712 2,655 2,483 2,443 3,674 3,492
Charleroi (Brussels South) 10,209 10,186 13,648 13,646 25,897 25,814
Antwerp-Deurne 3,880 4,029 2,789 2,809 4,234 4,277
Liège-Bierset 16,326 16,121 18,473 18,346 13,601 13,557
(1) commercial aircraft - take-off and landing 

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