Animal slaughtering

23,333,865 animals slaughtered in November

Agriculture & fishery
23,333,865 animals slaughtered in November

68,833 bovine animals were slaughtered in November 2019. The number of slaughtered pigs was 893,612 animals, and the number of slaughtered chickens amounted to 22,296,099 units.

In 2018, 26.51 million animals were slaughtered on a monthly basis. That is what emerged from the slaughtering figures for 2018 published by Statbel, the Belgian statistical office. In terms of weight, pigs account for the largest share (59 %, 936,000 pigs on a monthly basis). Chickens register the highest numbers, with 25.4 million chickens slaughtered per month. More...

Purpose and brief description

Number and slaughtered weight of animals slaughtered in slaughterhouses, approved for consumption.


All slaughterhouses in Belgium



Timing of publication

Results available 2 months after the reference period.


Number (units): Number of animals slaughtererd in a slaughterhouse and approved for human consumption during that month

Slaughtered weight (kg): Weight of the carcass after slaughter (cold weight), totals per animal species for that month