Industrial production

Production per product code and main activity (Prodcom)


Value of industrial production in euros according to the main activity of the unit 2020 (January - August).

Deliveries in value and in quantity according to the NACE, the CPA and the Prodcom list 2020 (January - August).

Downloadbare bestanden

De resultaten in de tabellen hieronder zijn de waarden van de productie volgens de hoofdactiviteit van de vestigingen. Deze waarden van de productie omvatten de waarden van de leveringen voor eigen rekening, de waarden van de industriële behandelingen en diensten en de waarden van de loonarbeid in het buitenland.

Purpose and brief description

Prodcom is the monthly survey on industrial production. Cooperation among the EU countries seeks to improve the comparability of statistical data. The Statistical Office of the European Union has therefore taken the initiative to collect data on industrial production in all Member States with the same product list, in the same sectors, etc. This initiative was named “Prodcom”: “PRODucts of the European COMmunity”.


Industrial enterprises



Timing of publication

Results available 2 months after the reference period