People on the move

People on the move

People in today’s Europe are on the move much more than ever before. This mobility can be viewed from many angles, as there are many reasons for moving: migration, education, work or tourism… This digital publication People on the move – statistics on mobility in Europe shows the latest figures on these movements in many different ways, with a focus on people and not on goods.

The publication is divided into four chapters, each containing four sections:

  • European melting pot
  • Studying and working abroad
  • Trains, planes and automobiles
  • Out and about

This digital publication containing short texts, interactive visualisation tools and infographics has been developed by Eurostat.

Key figures 2019

Kerncijfers 2019Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, publishes the Key Figures 2019.

The publication presents the main data and evolutions in the Belgian society and economy. With some 110 statistics per year, Statbel is one the largest data producers in Belgium.

A number of results from the Key Figures:

  • on 1st January 2019, Belgium had 11,431,406 inhabitants;
  • in various coastal municipalities, more than 30 % of the inhabitants are 65 or over;
  • the life expectancy of Belgian women is 83.7 years. That of men is 79.2 years;
  • the Belgian territory consists of 30,668 km² of land and 3,454 km² of the North Sea;
  • consumer prices increased by just over 2 % in 2018;
  • the median price of an apartment was 182,000 euros, that of a detached house 285,000 euros;
  • there were 38,455 road accidents in 2018, with a total of 49,354 casualties, including 604 fatalities;
  • 69.7 % of people aged 20 to 64 were employed in 2018. More than a quarter (26.8 %) of employees work part-time;
  • 16.4 % of the Belgian population lives below the poverty line.