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15% more buildings and 27% more dwellings since 1995

15% more buildings and 27% more dwellings since 1995

On 1 January 2021, Belgium had 4,590,838 buildings. Since 1995, the number of buildings in Belgium has risen by 15%. The number of dwellings rose over the same period by 27% to 5,631,637.

The Flemish Region registers 29% more dwellings and 16% more buildings.

In the Walloon Region, there are 26% more dwellings and 15% more buildings.

While the increase in the number of buildings is less significant in the Brussels-Capital Region (+1%) than in the two other regions, the number of dwellings has increased by 19%.

The age of the buildings varies greatly from region to region. In Flanders, 33% of the buildings were built after 1981, compared to 22% in Wallonia and only 7% in the Brussels-Capital Region.

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The cadastral statistics of the building stock reflect the situation of the number of buildings in Belgium on 1 January of the reference year. The data come from the General Administration of the Patrimonial Documentation (former Land Register) of the FPS Finances.


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