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    Energie.jpgThe Directorate-General Energy of the FPS Economy publishes official maximum prices for petroleum products. Various standard tables are made available. The official daily prices are updated on a daily basis. There are also tables with the average monthly and annual rates. These tables are updated when a period is closed.

    The Directorate-General Energy produces and publishes annually energy statistics by economic sector and by energy source. These figures provide an overview of the produced, traded and consumed amounts of energy and their trend over time. They can also be used to evaluate policy actions in energy and environment, to quantify the impacts of political measures, to monitor the share of renewable energy in the energymix and to gain insight into Belgium's energy dependence and security of supply.

    Only the tables and statistics relating to energy are available on Statbel. All other information from the Directorate General Energy can be found on the website of the FPS Economy: