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Potato price increase

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 Potato price increase

At the beginning of the year, several major trends were confirmed for output prices in the agricultural sector. First, the price of potatoes rose by almost 30 % between December and January. Prices in this new season remain well above those of the previous season. Second, the index for vegetables has continued to increase since October and remains on average higher than in previous years.


As for animal production, the drop in egg prices should be noted. Prices for brown eggs of 62.5 grams went down from 6.60€ per 100 units to 4.73€ between December and January.

Purpose and brief description

The agricultural price indexes (API) are above all used to analyze the evolution of prices and their impact on the agricultural income. The purpose of the price indexes is to provide information on trends in producer prices of agricultural products and purchase prices of the means of agricultural production. These indexes should allow comparing the trends between the member states and the European Union as well as between various products within a member state or the European Union. They should also facilitate the comparison between the trend of output prices and that of purchase prices of the means of agricultural production.


Agricultural holdings active in Belgium during the reference period



Timing publication

Results available 45 days after the reference period


Agricultural output price index :It is the agricultural output price index based on the sales of agricultural products delivered outside the agricultural sector.

Index of the purchase prices of the means of agricultural production : It is the index of purchase prices of the means of agricultural production to the exclusion of agricultural products as production means.

Average price of the agricultural and horticultural products : It is the average price received by the farmer when selling agricultural products.



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