Traffic accidents by type of vehicle

Traffic accidents by type of vehicle

Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, publishes today several open data files of vehicles involved in a traffic accident in the years 2017-2020. These are vehicles that were registered at the Vehicle Registration Department (D.I.V.) at the time of the accident. The figures are also broken down by car segment (SUV, city car, sedan, monovolume,...).



These open data do not replace the official accident and casualty figures published by Statbel every year. The purpose of these open data is mainly to show some technical characteristics of the cars involved and to give some information on the type of accident or collision involving them.
Each line represents a vehicle found at the DIV involved in an accident, and not an accident per se. On the one hand because several vehicles can be involved in an accident, and on the other hand because these data only concern vehicles registered with the DIV, and not foreign vehicles involved in an accident on Belgian territory.