Producer prices for cereals are up again in November

Agriculture & fishery
Monthly index of agricultural prices and average prices (output and input)

In November 2021, the trends of the beginning of the season are confirmed for cereals, whose index has increased by 14.4% compared to October. Compared to November 2020, the increase is 48.7%. The index for animals and animal products remains relatively stable (+1.8% over the month).

In horticulture, there was a decline of 3.0% from October to November. The price of apples is plummeting, especially for the Jonagold variety. With a decrease of 23.6% in one month and 43.6% compared to the prices observed one year earlier, the index for apples has fallen below 100 (base year=2015). For pears, the trend is rather the opposite with an improvement compared to the previous season and an increase of 5.1% over the month of November.

Finally, the overall agricultural index gained 6.1% between October and November 2021.