Key Figures 2021

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KEY FIGURES STATBEL: Extreme Makeover 2021

Extreme Makeover

In 1870, Statbel published its first statistical yearbook.

In the late 1990s, that bulky tome evolved into compact and visually attractive "Key Figures". In 2021, this brochure was completely revised.

The Key Figures give an overview of the many statistical materials that Statbel possesses. With the new dimensions of this brochure in a practical format, a renewed house style and a lot of attention for the visual aspect, Statbel wants to make official statistics even more accessible and relevant.

In current times, the importance of quality statistics is greater than ever. Considered decisions must be based on high-quality, objective data, public statistics and scientific research. Statbel data on health, demography, economy, labour market and social aspects have played a key role in this.

With many results from 2020, the Covid-19 crisis is the common thread running through the four themes, with information on the ‘horeca’ and health personnel, working from home, travel, etc. Some of the topics have also been developed further. Moreover, every year some of the content will change.