Our Statistics

What we doAs an official statistical institution in our country, Statbel offers a huge range of figures in terms of economy, population and demography, labour market, poverty, agriculture, industry, services, real estate, transport and traffic, environment, etc. These figures are available at national, regional, provincial, municipal and even more detailed level, as well as within a European context.

All our statistics are official. They are used by: 

Policymakers want to make informed decisions, assess whether we are doing better or worse than other countries, assess the outcome of their policies and take appropriate measures to address the socio-economic challenges.

Consumers and businesses want figures to support their decisions, assess their choices and position themselves. People are curious by nature. We want to know whether we are earning well, whether prices have risen, whether our house would fetch a good price, how our municipality scores compared to other municipalities, etc.

Researchers want detailed data to be able to substantiate their scientific findings.

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