Statbel’s DCAT catalogue is available

About Statbel
Statbel’s DCAT catalogue is available

Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, publishes today its DCAT catalogue of open data.

To put it simply, DCAT is a catalogue containing all the open data produced by Statbel.

The DCAT (Data Catalogue Vocabulary) is a standard for the documentation of open data sets. It is a way to provide context or metadata for datasets.

The Belgian federal profile DCAT-BE, developed as a result of a collaboration between several federal administrations, was applied. This Belgian federal standard makes certain fields mandatory, recommended and optional compared to the W3C DCAT standard and the European DCAT-AP (Application Profile) standard. By using it, other people or institutions can easily find and search all datasets published in Belgium in a unified way.

This catalogue is also intended to be uploaded to the federal open data portal (managed by the FPS BOSA).


UML-diagram of all classes and properties included in the Belgian federal application profile DCAT (DCAT-BE).

More information on the Belgian federal application profile DCAT (DCAT-BE) is available at Belgif/Inspire-DCAT.

DCAT OpenData (TTL File)