6,037 more VAT-registered enterprises in April

6,037 more VAT-registered enterprises in April

The number of VAT-registered enterprises increased by 6,037 units in April 2022 compared to March.

That is 12,011 new enterprises (first registrations), 1,529 re-registrations and 7,503 de-registrations.

The main sectors contributing to the increase this month are professional, scientific and technical activities (+997), construction (+874), human health and social work activities (+758) and administrative and support service activities (+609).

First registrations

We register in April 2022 a decrease of 6.1% in the number of first registrations, all sectors combined, compared to April 2021. That is 781 fewer births than last year.


As for re-registrations, all sectors combined, we observe a 6.9% decrease compared to last year, or 114 fewer enterprises.


In April 2022, the number of de-registrations is 9.3% higher than in April 2021, or 637 units.

Evolution of the population of VAT-registered units

In April 2022, we observe a 5.2% growth of the VAT-registered population over a year. There is an increase in the total VAT-registered population of 55,554 units compared to April 2021, to 1.122.790 enterprises.