European Statistics competition

olympiadelogo_en.pngFirst statistics competition in Belgium

Teachers and students from the second and third degrees of secondary school can register in the European Statistics Competition. This competition is organised by Statistiek Vlaanderen, IWEPS (Wallonia) and Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, in the context of the European Statistics Day on 20th October.

The European Statistics Competition is an initiative of Eurostat, the European statistical office. Its goal is to test the knowledge of the students, and to increase their understanding of public statistics. The Competition has been organised during the last school year in 11 European countries, with 11,000 participants. Two Finnish teams won the first prize. Belgium will also participate this school year. Eurostat’s press release on this subject can be found below this press release.

Students participate per degree, in groups of 1 to 3 students. They are supervised by their teacher. “The Competition is different from a number of its equivalents”, according to the organising statistical offices. “It is really about team work, and the Competition is centrally organised for all Belgian language communities. Furthermore, all teachers can register their students. The competition does not depend on the subject taught. Teachers and students can come from various fields. It also does not matter whether your school provides general education, technical education or vocational education. We hope that students and teachers from all over the country will participate.”

The competition is partly online. The second phase consists in a practical exercise, where students have to prove that they can interpret statistics and present the results in an understandable manner.

You can register on

In the context of the European Statistics Day, Statbel also launches two publications:

  • 1. Key Figures 2018: the main figures and statistics about Belgium. The Belgian population figure, the state of agriculture, the index and inflation, economic indicators, real estate figures, transport statistics, the labour market, poverty figures, the income and consumption habits of Belgian households and many other themes are presented in a user-friendly way. You can download the publication in pdf or ask for a paper version (available in French, Dutch and German).
  • 2. An update of the publication “The life of women and men in Europe”. This interactive tool shows you different data sets. The publication was drawn up by Eurostat, and published by Statbel in DutchFrench and German.