Real estate sales according to the nature of the property in the deed of sale – Statistical sectors (NIS7 and NIS9)

Real estate
Statistical sectors

Description: Sales of real estate - type of real estate, number of transactions, Q10 price(€), Q25 price(€), Q50 price(€), Q75 price(€), Q90 price(€) – Statistical sectors (2013-2022)

Period: 2013-2022

Metadata: Metadata variabels

Median and percentile prices are published only for 16 transactions with valid prices per aggregate, in order to achieve a certain degree of representativeness and to guarantee the confidentiality of individual data. The land register database sometimes contains transactions with no valid price. These transactions are included in the total number of transactions, but not in the price calculation. If, for an aggregate, there is one or more transactions whose price is not valid, the number of transactions for which prices are shown will be greater than the limit of 16 transactions referred to above, in accordance with the number of transactions whose price is not valid.

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