Tim Harford gives a crash course in statistical self-defence

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Tim Harford gives a crash course in statistical self-defence

On Saturday 5 November, British author and economist Tim Harford is coming to Boektopia in Kortrijk. In his book 'How to make the world add up', he gives ten simple rules to evaluate and understand figures. And as Belgian statistical office, Statbel can only appreciate that.

Tim Harford's lecture is on 5 November from 12:15pm to 1:15pm, and will be in English. A unique opportunity to meet this captivating speaker in person and to get inspiration about how to better understand and use figures. And good news: Statbel has free tickets.

Interested? Send us your name and e-mail address on our registration form. We will provide the first 50 people with a free ticket for Saturday, November 5. So be quick ! Please note: only one ticket per person.

Other fascinating lectures are also scheduled on that day. The authors of two books to which Statbel has actively contributed will also give a lecture. On the one hand, Patrick Luysterman and Bart Van Opstal, with their book ‘Een huis kopen zou niet moeilijk mogen zijn’.

On the other hand, Michael Van Droogenbroeck and Ewald Pironet, with their books ‘Investeren in de eerste/tweede/derde helft van je leven'. So it promises to be a fascinating day for those who appreciate high-level statistics.

Further details on these lectures:

11:45 -12:30: Patrick Luysterman and Bart Van Opstal (in Dutch):

12:15-13:15 Tim Harford (in English):

14:00-15:00: Michaël Van Droogenbroeck and Ewald Pironet (in Dutch):