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Starting from today, 15th January 2018, the Directorate-General Statistics – Statistics Belgium of the FPS Economy publishes its statistics and figures under a new identity: Statbel. The organisation is the successor of the former National Institute of Statistics.

With this new name and this new logo, the Belgian statistical office wants to provide more clarity to its end users. Statbel produces its statistics in accordance with the European guidelines set in the European Statistics Code of Practice. Independence, objectivity, trust, quality and accessibility are in this respect the key values. Statbel is a quality label for the public statistics in Belgium. With its new name, Statbel also launches a new website: This website should make the official figures that Statbel publishes on Belgium even more accessible to the general public. The new website and its structure were entirely designed for the user. The latter should quickly find the information he is looking for, and should be able to see at a glance which figures and statistics are available.

Jean-Marc Delporte, President of the FPS Economy and of the Institute for National Accounts: "This separate website of the FPS Economy is the response to Eurostat's recommendation that Statbel should have its own website."

"This new website and this new logo were designed for citizens, researchers, policy makers, journalists and enterprises who use our figures, and for everyone who cooperates with our surveys", according to director general Nico Waeyaert. "It fits within our efforts to offer quality public statistics in a modern and user-friendly way to all our users. All information on the website is quickly available in clearly organised fashion. Of course, we remain part of the FPS Economy, but we want to insist more on our objectivity and professional independence. Europe has also long asked us to adopt an even clearer identity as Belgian statistical office. And that identity is there now."

You can find the new Statbel website at

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