Statbel launches Statbel Academy

Statbel Academy
Statbel launches Statbel Academy

With Statbel Academy, Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, launches a new online learning platform for official statistics. Via videos on the @StatbelAcademy YouTube channel, teachers and students from the second and third degrees of secondary education can find additional information on how statistics are calculated and how to interpret them even better. A unique look behind the scenes given by Statbel statisticians.

Statbel Academy is the fourth project in which Statbel is committed to statistical literacy, or making official statistics better understood,” said Wendy Schelfaut, Statbel spokesperson. “Both in the world of education and in a broader social context, statistics are gaining importance. As Belgian statistical office, Statbel therefore wants to make teachers, pupils but also a wider public more familiar with various aspects of public statistics.”

“With the Statbel Junior project, children from the final years of primary school are taken into the world of statistics. In the European Statistics Competition, which we organise in cooperation with Statistiek Vlaanderen and IWEPS, young people are challenged to test their statistical knowledge and communicate with official statistics. Through the European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS) at KULeuven, master's students gain a better understanding of the methods and context of official statistics.”

“With Statbel Academy, another dimension is now added, where our statisticians themselves come into the picture, and further explain their statistics. On the YouTube channel, the various videos are also divided into chapters, to make it easier to view some parts.”

In the coming months and years, new videos and themes will be added. The first three videos are on the topic of demography:

  1. How do we measure the growth of the Belgian population?
  2. How do we get statistics on causes of death?
  3. What is the current life expectancy in Belgium and how to interpret it?

All videos are available in Dutch and French, with subtitles.

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