Provisional harvest estimate 2021

Agriculture & fishery
Provisional harvest estimate 2021

Due to the rain showers in the summer, the provisional estimate of the agricultural crop production in 2021 mainly shows a yield decrease for winter wheat (-12.5%), spelt (-10.8%) and triticale (-20.7%). Due to the 6.2% increase in surface area for winter wheat in 2021, the production decrease was limited to -7.1% or -114,623 tonnes. There was even a production increase for spelt of +9.1% due to the strong area expansion (+22.4%).

The production decreases of spring cereals (spring wheat and spring barley) are due to the reduction in surface areas in 2021.

The production of grain maize has remained almost unchanged compared to 2020. This is because the decrease in area was offset by the increase in yield (+6.9%).

In contrast, green maize had good results. Its production rose by 14% due to the increase in yield (+13%).

The production of sugar beet fell slightly by 0.8%. This is because the decrease in area is offset by a slight increase in yield.

Despite the area reduction of 7.8% for potatoes, the production decrease was limited to -2% in 2021 due to the good yield (+6.5%).

The production of rapeseed decreased by 6.9%. This decrease was entirely due to the yield decrease of 8.6%.