Migrations of VAT-registered enterprises


In 2018, 1,637 Brussels enterprises have moved to Flanders. This is the most significant migratory flow:  it is higher by 410 units than the number of migrations of enterprises located in Flanders moving to Brussels (1,227).

Migratory flows between Brussels and Wallonia are less significant, but also to the disadvantage of Brussels. 889 Walloon enterprises have moved to Brussels, while 1,141 enterprises left Brussels to settle in Wallonia.

The share of enterprises moving to Brussels is, however, much more pronounced for Walloon enterprises, because the active population of Walloon enterprises is less significant than the one in Flanders.

Finally, there were 533 movements from Flanders to Wallonia, and 427 in the opposite direction.

These regional migratory flows show the same trend over the years. These flows are also more significant when it comes to enterprises that are not employers.