Final harvest estimate 2021

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Final harvest estimate 2021

As a result of the bad weather conditions last summer, large yield decreases were recorded for winter wheat and spelt, -11% each. Due to the fact that there was an area increase for both crops, the fall in production of winter wheat was less significant (-6% or -93,727 tonnes) and there was even a production increase for spelt of 6% or +9,904 tonnes.

2021 was a good maize year in terms of production. Despite the decrease in area for grain maize of -7%, production increased by 12% thanks to good yields. The area for green maize was slightly higher than in 2020, i.e. +0.85%, but here too production increased by +12%. In 2021, 60,594 tonnes more grain maize and 848,001 tonnes more green maize were produced.

Sugar beet production fell by -5% or -234,008 tonnes, due to both a reduction in area (-3%) and in yield (-2%).

Despite the decrease in area of 7.6% for potatoes, the production decrease due to the good yield (+6.7%), was limited to -1.5% or -57,437 tonnes in 2021.

Following the disappointing yields for flax in 2020, less flax was sown (-16%). In 2021, yield increased by +27% but this was not enough to reach the yield level of 2019. This increase still allowed for a production increase of 7% or +5,342 tonnes.

The production of rapeseed decreased by -5% or 1,490 tonnes. This decrease was entirely due to the yield decrease of 7%.