Decreased turnover in the Belgian sea fishing industry

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Decreased turnover in the Belgian sea fishing industry

In 2018, 14,766 tonnes of fish were landed by Belgian ships and sold in Belgian harbours, according to the new figures of Statbel, the Belgian statistical office. Landings have decreased by 11.3 % compared to 2017. In 2018, the landings accounted for a turnover of 63 million euros. This turnover has dropped by 6.9 %, but the decrease was relatively limited, due to the slightly higher average price of 4.2 euros/kg (+5 %).

Sharpest decrease in Zeebrugge

Especially the port of Zeebrugge recorded losses. The share of Zeebrugge, according to the quantity landed and fish sold, has decreased to 57 % in 2018, compared to 64 % in 2017.


Sole, plaice and shrimps in the lead

Sole remains the flagship of the Belgian sea fishing industry. Despite a decrease in landings (-6.7 %), this fish has a turnover share of 35 %. Plaice comes in second place, with a share of 18 %. These two fishes represent together more than half of the turnover achieved in the Belgian sea fishing industry.

2018 proved to be a record year in shrimp catches. The landings have increased by 143 %. The price for shrimps has decreased last year by 49 %.