Datalab : VAT-registrations in November

Datalab : VAT-registrations in November

Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, publishes today in its Datalab the figures on VAT-registered enterprises, with provisional results 30 days after the reference month for November. With this publication, Statbel wants to better map the impact of the COVID-19 on the economic life. The NACE, the classification of economic activities, is also included.

Furthermore, Statbel continues to publish the final results 60 days after the reference month.

The movements observed in the population of VAT-registered units in November result in an increase in the number of active enterprises compared to October 2020[1].

First registrations

In November 2020, first registrations for all sectors combined are down by 13.9 % compared to November 2019. That is 924 fewer births than last year in the same period. 


As for re-registrations, all Nace sections combined, we observe a 14.6 % decrease compared to last year. This represents 123 enterprises.


In November 2020, the number of de-registrations decreased by 1,269 units compared to November 2019 (-29.4 %). This phenomenon can be seen in all sectors, except for ‘Arts, entertainment and recreation’.   

Evolution of the population of VAT-registered units

Despite the disturbances related to the crisis, results for November 2020 remain positive in terms of growth of the population of VAT-registered units over a year. We see a 4 % increase of the whole VAT-registered population, i.e. 40,996 more units than in November 2019.

[1] Note: this analysis is provisional and may be revised in a later publication when the population has stabilised.