Dairy production in July 2019

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Dairy production in July 2019

53.9 million litres of milk were produced in July 2019. The major part of it (31.4 million litres, or 58 %) was semi-skimmed milk. Whole milk accounted for 35 % of the total production (18.7 million litres) and skimmed milk for 7 % (3.8 million litres). Besides, 13.1 million litres of chocolate milk were produced, as well as 20 million litres of cream, 21.7 million litres of fermented milk, 4 million litres of yoghurt, 8,980 tonnes of cheese and 8,162 tonnes of butter (farm butter and blended butter).

The production of fresh dairy products increases by 10 %

According to the latest figures on Belgian dairy production in 2018 from Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, our country produced 10 % more fresh dairy products than in 2017. The most significant increases were recorded for fermented milk (22 %), desserts (8 %) and consumer cream (5 %). The production of yoghurt has decreased by almost 11 %.