Belgians made 1.8 million more trips in 2018

Belgians made 1.8 million more trips in 2018

The total number of travels of the Belgian population increased by 1.8 million (10 %) between 2017 and 2018, according to the travel survey of Statbel, the Belgian statistical office. Belgians made 20.5 million trips of at least one night last year.

Just under two thirds of the Belgian population travelled at least once in the past year (64%).

12.15 million trips covered 4 nights and more. 5% of these trips were for professional reasons.

For 8.35 million trips, the stay was limited to 1 to 3 nights. 11% of these trips were made for professional reasons.

Belgium and France are the favourite holiday destinations

In total, the Belgian population has therefore made 19 million trips for holiday purposes.

For short trips of 1 to 3 nights, Belgium is the main destination (41%), followed by France (22%) and the Netherlands (14%). Almost all of these trips (98%) are made within the European Union’s frontiers.

For long trips of 4 nights or more, France comes first (24%), Belgium and Spain are ex aequo (14%). The destination of 84% of these trips is a country of the European Union.