Average income in Belgium reached 18,331 euros in 2017

Average income in Belgium reached 18,331 euros in 2017

Fiscal statistics on income based on tax year 2018, income 2017

  • In 2017, the net taxable income of the Belgians amounted on average to 18,331 euros;
  • The Flemish Region remains the region with the highest income;
  • Brussels remains the region with the lowest average income;
  • In 2017, Flemish Brabant was still the province with the highest average income per capita, followed by Walloon Brabant and East Flanders;
  • At local level, Sint-Martens-Latem is the leading municipality in terms of average income per capita. It is 67.7 % above the Belgian average;
  • The lowest average income can be found in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, where the income per capita is 49.3 % below the national average.


Income refers to the net taxable income. These figures are calculated based on personal tax declarations and comprise the taxable income from professions, replacement incomes, pensions, dividends, the cadastral income and support benefits. Untaxed income (such as child allowance and social benefits) are not included in taxable incomes.The average income in this press release was calculated by dividing the total net taxable income by the total Belgian population (0 to 100+ years). The average income per return amounted to 32,729 euro. Additional figures can be found on: https://statbel.fgov.be/en/themes/households/taxable-income#figures. The reference period of the data is always the income year 2017 and the tax year 2018. The fiscal statistics are composed according to the taxpayer's place of residence.