50.8 million litres of milk produced in August

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50.8 million litres of milk produced in August

50.8 million litres of milk were produced in August 2019. The major part of it (27.2 million litres, or 53 %) was semi-skimmed milk. Whole milk accounted for 39 % of the total production (19.8 million litres) and skimmed milk for 7.6 % (3.9 million litres). Besides, 13.1 million litres of chocolate milk were produced, as well as 20.4 million litres of cream, 19.2 million litres of fermented milk, 3.8 million litres of yoghurt, 8,900 tonnes of cheese and 7,939 tonnes of butter (farm butter and blended butter).

The production of fresh dairy products increases by 10 %

According to the latest figures on Belgian dairy production in 2018 from Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, our country produced 10 % more fresh dairy products than in 2017. The most significant increases were recorded for fermented milk (22 %), desserts (8 %) and consumer cream (5 %). The production of yoghurt has decreased by almost 11 %.