1,110,047 VAT-registered enterprises in January

1,110,047 VAT-registered enterprises in January

The number of VAT-registered enterprises increased by 15,440 units in January 2022 compared to December 2021.

That is 24,289 new enterprises (first registrations), 1,998 re-registrations and 10,847 de-registrations. The number of enterprises active in the health sector in particular increased (+11,287 enterprises) due to the change in the scope of the VAT exemption for services provided by (para)medical professions, hospital care and medical care from 1 January 2022. This explains the high number of first registrations among dentists in January 2022 (8,136 in January 2022 compared to 79 in January 2021), as well as in other healthcare sectors (3,013 in January 2022 compared to 343 in January 2021).

The two other main sectors contributing to the increase observed this month are scientific and technical activities (+1,158 enterprises) and construction (+599 enterprises).

The sector ‘Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles’ shows a negative balance of 62 units following the de-registration of 2,261 units.

First registrations

We register in January 2022 an increase of 85.8% in the number of first registrations, all sectors combined, compared to January 2021. That is 11,217 more births than last year. 96% of these additional births come from the sector ‘Human health and social work activities’.


As for re-registrations, all sectors combined, we observe a 24.9% increase compared to last year, or 398 more enterprises.


In January 2022, the number of de-registrations is 9.1% lower than in January 2021, or 1,080 units.

Evolution of the population of VAT-registered units

In January 2022, we observe a 5.4% growth of the population of VAT-registered units over a year. There is an increase in the total VAT-registered population of 56,534 units compared to January 2021, to 1,110,047 enterprises.