Table of Contents

    The Belgian Statistics Act

    The Belgian Statistics Act of 22 March 2006 was published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 21 April 2006. Last time Belgium witnessed such a fundamental change to the basic principles of the statistical apparatus was in 1962.

    This Act aligns the functioning of Statbel (AD Statistics Belgium) with the latest developments in the field of privacy protection, administrative simplification and data exchange for the benefit of academic research. In this way, it is able to fulfil its central role in federal Belgium's statistical process in a modern, high-performance manner.

    The European Statistics Act

    This Regulation of 11 March 2009 establishes a legal framework for the development, production and dissemination of European statistics. In line with the principle of subsidiarity and in accordance with the independence, integrity and accountability of national and Community authorities, European statistics are relevant and necessary for the performance of Community activities.