Microdata for research

Do you conduct scientific or statistical research within a public institution or a research institute?
Statbel makes pseudonymised study data available.

How to proceed?

  • Contact Statbel via statbel@economie.fgov.be or contact directly the statistician in charge of your study field, if you have his contact details.
  • After consulting the statistician, you should submit an official data request with the request form and a conformity declaration. In some cases, the statistician will indicate that the simplified request form is sufficient.
  • You should send the signed documents, together with a pre-contract, by e-mail to statbel.datarequests@economie.fgov.be
  • Statbel's Data Protection Officer team will evaluate the request and issue an opinion. Finally, as data controller, Statbel's director-general will decide if the data can be delivered.
  • If the evaluation is positive, Statbel draws up the final contract, that you need to sign.
  • After receipt of the original signed contract, Statbel will deliver the requested microdata within the set timeframe.