What is the Statistics Competition?

The European Statistics Competition

Are you a teacher in the second or third degree of secondary education in Belgium? Register your students in the European Statistics Competition!

What is the European Statistics Competition?

The European Statistics Competition is an initiative of Eurostat, the European statistical office. It will be organised in the school year 2020-2021 in more than 15 EU countries. Belgium will participate again. Statistiek Vlaanderen (Flanders), Iweps (Wallonia) and Statbel (the Belgian statistical office) join forces and organise together the Competition in Belgium.

Who can participate?

The European Statistics Competition is open to all students in the second and third degrees of secondary education. You participate in teams of 1 to 3 students, with a supervising teacher. You participate in the language of the region where your school is located. Schools in the Brussels-Capital Region can choose to register in French or in Dutch. The subject that you teach does not matter: whether it is maths, geography or economy, or a broader subject, everything is possible.

Why a Competition?

The numeracy of young people and adults is an important point of interest for statistical offices worldwide. Eurostat, as European statistical office, also wants to contribute. This is why it launched in 2017-2018 the first “European Statistics Competition”.

In the school year 2019-2020, more than 17,500 students from 17 European countries have participated.

The European Statistics Competition in Belgium is a collaboration between Statbel, Statistiek Vlaanderen, IWEPS, INE Spain and Eurostat and is supported by the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation and the Department of Education of the Flemish Community and by the Department of Education of the ministry of the German-speaking Community.