Previous editions

Do you want a better picture of the various tests of the European Statistics Competition? Take a look at a number of sample assignments from previous editions.

Phase 1: knowledge test

The first phase of the European Statistics Competition consists in a three-part online multiple-choise test.

One part tests the theoretical knowledge of statistical concepts. In the second part, students answer questions by looking up official statistics on the websites of Statbel and Eurostat. In the third part, students have to answer the questions using an official publication.  

A number of sample questions from previous editions are available in Dutch, French and German. These questions will not be used again in the 2020-2021 edition.

Phase 2: micro data

In the first two editions, students received in the second phase of the European Statistics Competition a set of micro data, that they had to analyse by themselves. They had to present the results on 8 slides. 

ATTENTION: This phase is cancelled in 2020-2021. The students no longer have to make a presentation. Instead, the interpretation and analysis of micro data will be integrated in phase 1 as a set of questions. We don't have any sample questions about this yet. An example of a data set is available in Dutch, French and German.

Phase 3: video assignment

In this phase, all selected teams receive the assignment to create a video of maximum 2 minutes on a certain subject, in English, or at least with English subtitles. 

This theme is the same for all European countries, as the winners of all countries will compete with each other at European level.

The video assignment in the 2019-2020 edition is available in Dutch, French and German.

The videos that were submitted in 2019-2020 are available on our Youtube channel