Statistics Competition 2019-2020

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Register in the European Statistics Competition

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Register in the European Statistics Competition

As a teacher in the second or third degree of secondary education in Belgium, you can register your teams in the European Statistics Competition until Sunday 5th January 2020.

You register your students in teams of 1 to 3 students. It is important that you do this as a teacher, so that we can keep you informed of all the tests that come online, of the results, events, etc.

The first tests take place online, from 6th to 19th January 2020. The online test consists of 3 parts. This is a qualifying stage: your team must achieve at least 50 %. Of the successful teams, only the first half goes on to the second phase.

You can download the full Competition calendar via this link.

You register in the language of the municipality where your school is established. If your school is in Brussels, you can choose between Dutch or French.