Statistics Competition 2022-2023

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And the winners are....

Statbel Academy
And the winners are....

The award ceremony of the fifth edition of the European Statistics Competition took place in Brussels on Friday 5 May 2023.

VKO4 from VKO Opwijk Bovenbouw won the public choice award. More than 3,000 people cast their votes and the majority of the votes went to VKO4, who in their video on well-being particularly emphasised various factors that favourably influence well-being, such as leisure and income. (Re)watch their video here:…

The top 3 of the public choice award is the following:

  1. VKO4 (VKO Opwijk Bovenbouw)
  2. WISA6 (College Ieper)
  3. ALGEBROS (European School Uccle)

WISA6 from the College Ieper won the jury award. The jury found that their video stood out above the others in terms of both form and content. Congratulations! (Re)watch their video here:…

The top 3 of the jury award is the following:

  1. WISA6 (College Ieper)
  2. ALGEBROS (European School Uccle)
  3. PSSV6MTW4 (Provinciale Secundaire School Voeren)

So, VKO4 and WISA6 are continuing the competition at the European level. On 5 June, we will know whether one of them will also go home with the ultimate award: the European award! We keep our fingers crossed for our Belgian competitors.