Pilot Study on Statistics on Waste in Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry

The goal of this pilot study is to identify feasible definition for waste in agriculture, forestry and fisheries; to set the bases for a regular production of waste statistics in this sectors, at the level of Belgium, and comparable with other countries (following the standard defined within the framework of the regulation 2150/2002); to assess the feasibility of using administrative data; to identify emission factors to be applied to agricultural production statistics, in order to estimate waste production using models; and to identify the relative share of different types of farms in agricultural waste production, in order to optimise future possible surveys. The authors studied the feasibility of waste statistics for agriculture, forestry and fisheries. The full universe of waste producers can easily be derived from the register of companies. It is important to focus on small and medium sized companies, because they represent the large majority in these sectors, and they probably contribute to significant amount of waste production. However, the total amount of waste produced by these sectors depends on the definition used.

Date d'édition :13/09/2005
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