In the spotlight 2011

In the spotlight - 23 August 2011

Seven years of same-sex marriage: a state of affairs

Our country has allowed same-sex marriage and divorce since 1 June 2003. Between then and 31 December 2010 9,145 men and 7,782 women tied the knot with another person of the same sex. 2010 was the first year in which more lesbians than gays got married: 1,102 compared to 1,062.

Since 2003 617 men and 822 women who were married to someone of the same sex saw their marriage go on the rocks.

In other words: 6.7% of same-sex marriages between men and 10.6% of same-sex marriages between women ended in divorce.

Marriages between two women seem for the time being less stable than marriages between two men.

Gay marriage has not existed long enough to compare the divorce frequency of homosexual people with that of heterosexual people.

People involved in a same-sex marriage
People involved in a same-sex divorce
This table does not represent the number of marriages or divorces as such, but the number of people who were involved in a marriage or divorce. To calculate the number of marriages or divorces, these figures must be divided by two. Uneven numbers indicate that the marriage or divorce of the two people involved was not registered in the population register in the same year.