Part-time workers (percentage of all employees*) by NACE section (2009-2013)

A Agriculture, forestry and fishing23,2%23,3%23,0%21,4%24,5%
B Mining and quarrying11,6%19,1%12,3%6,1%11,1%
C Manufacturing11,6%12,4%13,5%11,9%12,0%
D Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply8,4%6,9%7,1%7,9%6,3%
E Water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities10,3%10,8%9,7%9,4%7,7%
F Construction6,8%7,0%7,8%7,5%8,0%
G Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles30,2%31,2%30,3%30,1%29,4%
H Transportation and storage15,2%16,0%16,1%14,5%14,6%
I Accommodation and food service activities43,3%46,7%47,4%46,7%51,5%
J Information and communication13,1%11,3%12,0%13,4%13,4%
K Financial and insurance activities21,4%22,5%23,1%22,0%21,3%
L Real estate activities23,1%26,1%31,7%33,1%28,4%
M Professional, scientific and technical activities19,9%22,3%19,9%20,5%19,3%
N Administrative and support service activities35,2%33,8%36,9%41,7%42,8%
O Administration publique et defense; securie sociale obligatoire21,2%20,6%23,1%21,6%21,6%
P Education28,3%27,7%30,0%32,4%28,9%
Q Human health and social work activities48,4%49,4%49,1%49,9%49,6%
R Arts, entertainment and recreation33,2%31,6%32,8%34,1%31,1%
S Other service activities37,7%43,6%39,8%38,4%33,1%
T Activities of households as employers; undifferentiated goods -and services- producing activities of households for own use77,6%74,5%77,8%65,3%44,7%
U Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies4,6%6,2%6,4%8,1%4,8%
* Except for people employed through a local employment agency (PWA/ALE) and people with casual work