The labour market in absolute figures

The table below shows a number of labour market figures for the most recent year. To (de)select variables, click on the icon below the table to start the interactive application.

The employed population comprises all people aged 15 and over in paid employment or self-employment.

The unemployed population are the unemployed according to International Labour Office (ILO) definitions: the economically active population without employment. These are all people aged 15 and over who were without employment, immediately available for the labour market and actively looking for employment.

The economically inactive population comprises all people who are not economically active, including people under 15 years of age, namely: people who occupy themselves exclusively with their households, who volunteer, students and retired people.

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Active (working and unemployed) and inactive population of 15-64 years by gender for Belgium and the regions, 2006 and 2016

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