Employment, unemployment, labour market structure

All figures on employment, unemployment and the labour market mentioned here are from the labour force surveyExternal link conducted among Belgian households (LFS). About 90,000 people aged 15 and over participate in this survey, which was renewed in 1999. The survey is held to create statistics that are comparable at European level and that describe the size, structure and evolution of employment and unemployment. It also offers more in-depth knowledge of:

  • part-time employment and the motives behind it;
  • the working time of employees;
  • the different types of temporary labour: local employment agencies/services cheques, temporary employment agencies, learning and working, student employment,...;
  • searching and finding another job by employees;
  • demoralised unemployed people;
  • the reasons why some people, although they are looking for work, are not available to start working immediately or, vice versa, claim to be prepared to work but are not looking for work;
  • training (education or professional training, within or outside the enterprise);
  • the level of education of the population;
  • geographical mobility of employees according to specific individual characteristics.

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