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January 2017 : Output price index +1.6%

In January 2017, compared to the previous month, the producer price index of industry excluding construction has increased by 1.6%. A split of this figure in energy and the rest shows a rise of 4.3% for energy and a rise of 0.3% for total industry except energy. A further breakdown of total industry except energy obtains +0.8% for intermediate goods, except energy, -0.3% for capital goods, +0.2% for durable consumer goods and -0.2% for non-durable consumer goods.

When the general producer price index is subdivided according to destination, a rise of 2.1% on the domestic market and a rise of 0.8% on the non-domestic markets can be observed.

Compared to January of the previous year, the producer price index of total industry excluding construction has increased by 13.8%. For the domestic market it rose by 13.4%, for the non-domestic markets there was a rise of 11.3%.

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Output price indices for industry (without construction) for domestic and foreign markets, last 13 months

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