VAT-registered businesses

This theme provides figures on VAT units.

  • NEW A first heading makes it possible to follow the evolution of the population of VAT units, by sector (NACEBEL 2008) and/or by administrative geography and/or legal form for 2008 and the later years. The data come from the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises whereas the calculations are made by Statistics Belgium, Data collection centre - Department databases and enterprises.
  • The second heading is the same as the first one, apart from a few differences:
    • The source is the FPS Finance (VAT authority instead of the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises).
    • The years concerned are: 2003 to 2007
    • The activity classification is: Nacebel 2003.
    • Break down between legal persons and natural persons is possible.
  • Since 2007, the monthly statistic on VAT units is available about 45 days after the end of the reference month. It is based on the data of the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises and, unlike the annual publications, it does not include sector data.

Please note: : While the monthly figures are an exhaustive count of the events in the life course of a VAT unit (first registration, deletion, re-registration, emigration and immigration), the yearly figures for 2008 and the later years are based on a comparison of annual snapshots on 31 December of every year. Therefore, for a given year, the number of "creations" or "deletions" of the yearly statistic will necessarily be lower than the sum of the creations or deletions recorded in the yearly statistic. Only the number of active VAT units on 31 December of every year is identical in both statistics.

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