FRIBS Impact Assessment

Context of the questionnaire

To reduce the administrative burden put on businesses, the European Commission is currently in the process of rethinking the production process of business statistics.
The objective of this consultation is to collet inputs from the users of business statistics on how better to match the statistics produced with user needs.

Content of use questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of three parts:

  • Part 1: Identification and classification of respondents (p.2-3);

  • Part 2: Specific questions for users of business statistics (p. 4-9);

  • Part 3: General questions on different policy options for rethinking the production process of business statistics (p.10-13).

How to reply to this questionnaire

This questionnaire contains a combination of single and multiple choice questions as well as numeric and text fields. The latter you can use to explain or motivate your answer. These additional elements are very valuable for ensuring a high-quality analysis, so we thank you in advance for taking the time to complement your answers in this way.

Should you encounter any technical problem, or have any question concerning the questionnaire, please contact ESTAT-G1@ec.europa.eu.

Please complete either the online questionnaire or download the word version and send it by 07 October 2014 to the following address: ESTAT-G1@ec.europa.eu


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