Conversion coefficients

During the switch to an index with a new base year, conversion coefficients are used to compare the indices on the different bases and to compose a continuous series of indices from 1920 onwards.

Additionally, each product group has its own conversion coefficient.

From / To20132004199619881981
2013=100Consumer price index x 1,2240x 1,4067x 1,7265x 2,3356
Health index x 1,2077x 1,3740x 1.6566 
2004=100Consumer price indexx 0,8170 x 1,1493x 1,4105x 1,9082
Health indexx 0,8280 x 1.1377x 1.3717 
1996=100Consumer price indexx 0,7109x 0,8701 x 1,2273x 1,6603
Health indexx 0,7278x 0.8790 x 1.2057 
1988=100Consumer price indexx 0,5793x 0,7090x 0,8148 x 1,3528
Health indexx 0,6036x 0.7290x 0.8294  
1981=100Consumer price indexx 0,4282x 0,5241x 0,6023x 0,7392 

The coefficients that appear in the same row (or column) allow the conversion from each monthly index of a given base (left of each line) to the other index bases (above the column).

However, these conversion coefficients should never be used to calculate partial indices or indices of elementary aggregates.

Index search

Obviously, you will not have to calculate the conversion to a given base year yourself. Our Index-search can do this for you.

If you are looking for a consumer price index or a health index for a specific month, simply enter the year and month. This generates the consumer price index and the health index for all available bases.