Consumer price index (CPI)

This page presents an overview of the indices of December2016.

The consumer price index amounts to 103.54 points in December 2016. The index has increased by 0.13 point over the month. Inflation has edged up to 2.03% from 1.77 %. The health index has gained 0.08 point to 104.05 points. Inflation based on the health index has accelerated to 1.78%, up from 1.65%.

The health index has gone up by 0.08 point to 104.05 points in December, compared to 103.97 points in November. The smoothed health index amounted to 101.81 points in December. The central index for public services and social benefits, set at 103.04 points, has not been exceeded over the month. The last time the central index was exceeded was in May 2016.

Inflation now amounts to 2.03% compared to 1.77% in November and 1.81% in October. On average inflation amounted to 1.97% in 2016. Inflation based on the health index was on the rise and now stands at 1.78% compared to 1.65% in November and 1.55% in October. Inflation without energy has gone down to 1.65% in December compared to 1.72% last month and 1.83% in October. Core inflation, which does not take into account price evolutions of energy products and unprocessed food, amounts to 1.53% in December, compared to 1.67% in November and 1.83% in October.

Consumer price index103.54
Health index104.05
Smoothed index101.81

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