key figures 2009 - Belgium and the European Union

Welcome to an elaborate version of our yearly key figures.
Belgium is currently presiding the European Union, an opportunity which we could not let go by unnoticed. From the start, our nation has been one of the pioneers of European integration and it has built an excellent reputation as a mediator throughout the years. We therefore found it natural to publish an edition of our yearly key figures that sheds a European light on Belgium.
Our website offers a complete range of information on the most diverse topics to meet the requirements of public authorities, the business sector and citizens. Relevant statistics are a prerequisite to plan efficiently and to initialise goal-oriented actions. Students, researchers and all those in search of knowledge need figures and statistics.
In this brochure you will mainly find figures, tables and graphs, a consequence of comparing our country with 26 other member states. We have also limited the number of topics. Instead of aiming for comprehensiveness, we have pursued interesting comparisons and relevant information. We are very grateful to everybody who, in one way or another, contributed to the realisation of this brochure.
“Measuring is knowing” is true now more than ever.


Considering this deluxe edition was printed in very limited number, only one copy per person/organization may be ordered.
If you still wish a larger number of copies – more than twenty copies for example – you can ask for a strongly abbreviated version of the Key figures (not available on line).