More people aged 55 and over at work - Labour market figures first quarter 2013

  • 66.7% of 20-64 year olds are employed. This percentage has decreased slightly compared to last year;
  • The number of employed people aged 55 and over is on the rise. Currently 40.5% of people aged 55-64 have jobs. Especially the number of women aged 55 and over with a job has increased;
  • 8.5% of the labour force are unemployed. This figure amounts to 8.9% among men and to 8.1% among women;
  • The unemployment rate has gone up in all regions;
  • The youth unemployment rate in Belgium amounts to 23.3%.

This is shown in the figures for the first quarter 2013 of the Labour Force Survey by Statistics Belgium. The survey assesses the key evolutions in terms of employment and unemployment according to international definitions, which are then used as a basis for a number of headline labour market indicators, such as employment and unemployment rate and economic activity rate.

To allow international comparison, the employment figures are calculated according to the definitions of the International Labour Office

Press release type:Statistics - Labour market and Living conditions , Statistics press releases
date: 25 June 2013