Poverty and well-being in Belgium in 2013

Poverty figures from the SILC survey

  • The poverty risk remains stable at about 15% in Belgium;
  • 21% of the population is at risk of poverty or social exclusion;
  • Most people are satisfied with their life or their job and reported to be happy;
  • The most vulnerable people in our society (people at risk of poverty, people with a low education level and elderly people) have lower well-being indicators than people in a better situation.

These results come from the Survey on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC). This survey was carried out by Statistics Belgium in 6,159 Belgian households in 2013. This survey is harmonised at European level and makes it possible to follow the main trends with regard to poverty and social exclusion. The key indicators deriving from this survey are the monetary poverty and poverty threshold indicators.

The module on subjective well-being is a new component of the 2013 survey. This module was conducted throughout the European Union and addresses the various aspects of well-being. Respondents were asked to evaluate their life or to describe their feelings. It meets the worldwide growing interest in well-being statistics, as shown by the OECD reports "How's Life? Measuring Well-being".

Press release type:Statistics - Labour market and Living conditions , Statistics press releases
date: 17 October 2014