Harmonised index of consumer prices - April 2017

  • Belgium's inflation rate based on the European harmonised index of consumer prices was running at 2.7% in April compared to 2.5% in March. This increase is mostly due to the fact that this year, Easter holidays were entirely in April, unlike last year where they were also partially in March.
  • Core inflation (inflation without energy and unprocessed food) was running at 1.7% in April, against 1.3% in March.
  • The sub-indices with the largest upward effect on inflation were domestic heating oil, motor fuels, electricity, accommodation, tobacco and gas.
  • Most of the downward pressure on inflation this month came from vegetables, clothing, fruit, rents, dairy products and meat.
  • The harmonised index of consumer prices of April for the EU Member States will be published by Eurostat on 17 May.
Press release type:Statistics - Economy , Statistics press releases
date: 15 May 2017