Consumer Price Index: 30 08 17

  • Inflation increases from 1.78% to 1.90% in August.
  • The consumer price index this month increases by 0.07 points or 0.07%.
  • Inflation based on the health index remains unchanged at 1.64%.
  • The smoothed health index is running at 103.39 points in August.
  • The most significant price increases in August were registered for meat, motor fuels and personal care products. Flight tickets, mobile telephone services, vegetables and alcoholic beverages provided the largest downward contribution to the CPI. 


Annual update of the consumer price index in 2017

  • Update of the consumer price index in 2017 based on a unanimous opinion of the Index Commission, approved by the Minister of Economy.
  • Further increase in the use of supermarket scanner data in the index calculation: from 70 product groups in 2016 to 73 product groups in 2017, representing 23% of the weight of the basket.
  • The index basket has been adjusted: 8 new products have been added to the basket and 2 products have been merged into 1 product. The total for 2017 amounts to 663 goods and services compared to 656 in 2016.
  • The weights in the index basket, which are based on the household budget survey 2014, have been updated to 2016 in order to reflect the current pattern of expenditure of consumers. 


Press release type:Conjoncture , Consumerprices , Statistics press releases
date: 30 August 2017