Bureau of Civil Defence Planning (crisis unit)

Bureau of Civil Defence Planning

Following a national or international crisis, a shortage of products and services could disorganise public life.

At the federal level, the FPS Economy has a coordination role. Its objective is to guarantee the availability of products, to respond to the population's essential needs and help ensure continued economic activity.

The Ministerial Committee of 9 October 1975 decided to reinforce the civil structure which prepares civil defence plans. This is why a civil servant reporting directly to the President of the Management Committee is responsible, in each department, for identifying the civil defence problems within his or her own department and for coordinating and promoting the solution.

Mission of the Bureau of Civil Defence Planning

The Bureau of Civil Defence Planning has a mission of:

  • representing the FPS Economy in different national and international organisations for civil and military defence
  • in times of peace, preparing the economic and industrial defence of the country
  • in times of crisis or war, managing the economic aspects of civil defence plans.

Crisis unit

In each public federal department, a crisis coordination and management unit is responsible for coordination in terms of emergency planning, namely the preparation of potential crisis management responses. Planning covers both national crises (catastrophes, calamities) as well as international crises, within the competences of each federal department.

This unit was implemented within the FPS Economy following the Royal Decree of 31 January laying down an emergency plan for crisis events and situations requiring national coordination or management.

Mission of the crisis unit

The crisis unit has a mission of:

  • managing every form of emergency crisis or situation which endangers economic and industrial interests and the essential needs of the population
  • preparing preventative measures for crisis situations
  • being the contact point between the Governmental Coordination and Crisis Centre and the Minister. 

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